London metal exchange photo attributed to Kreepin Deth - CC-BY 3.0


Risk Management & Financial support

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We are in direct contact with major ocean and inland carriers worldwide. H&H Metals works to ensure that material is not only transported economically, but safely as well.

We provide risk management and financial support, including hedging, financing, insurance, and financial products such as tolling arrangements, pre-export financing, barter, exchanges, consignments, and pre-production financing. We rely on our own capital and work closely with financial institutions, large and small, to ensure smoothly executed transactions.

We also occasionally make strategic investments and pre-financings in producing and future mines to support our clients. We want to ensure our clients success by structuring mutually profitable and safe transactions in an often turbulent and difficult industry.

H & H Metals Corp.

We supply market experience, know-how, and solutions to our trading partners, providing our clients with support on all facets of the trade from the mine to the smelter. Nurturing a smooth and seamless participation.  Our global network and nimble structure allows us to keep up with rapidly changing market conditions and react efficiently. Some of our products include:

 * Base Metals Concentrates: Ores, Intermediary Products (Blister/Bullion), By-products, Refined Metal, and Specialty Alloys

  *  Precious Metals Concentrates: Ores, By-products, & Intermediary Products (Dore)

  *  Minor Metals Raw Materials:  Concentrates, Ores, & Byproducts